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The platform that lets one play the stock market with just one dollar has operations in both US and India

A Silicon-Valley based investment advisory company, founded by an Indian American technologist has launched a micro-investment feature for its platform that lets one play the stock market with just one dollar.

The new feature on Smart Money Investment Advisors, (SmartMoney IA) platform allows investments of $1 and above with no minimum threshold, the company announced March 11.

Apart from the US, SmartMoney IA also has operations in India. Aiming to make stock market investments more accessible to small-time investors with the new feature, It offers both free and paid transactional services.

“SmartMoney IA was conceived to make stock market investments accessible to more people, even those who have limited savings by studying the barriers that people have that put them away from investing,” said Selvan Rajan, founder CEO of the company.

These may include lack of time, exorbitant cost and not knowing how to analyze investment opportunities and where to find those opportunities, he noted.

“People can invest a tiny amount that would grow gradually over time,” said Rajan promising, “A tiny amount and a huge amount will get the same and equal treatments on our platform.”

“Investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to maximize one’s income, but the perception is that one needs a sizable initial capital to start investing.

“We are bringing one of the best ways to earn more to people who need it the most. We are trying to make the investments as much as possible to be socially responsible, impactful and conscious,” stated Rajan.

Rajan, who founded the company in 2017 has more than three decades of experience working in large corporations on emerging technologies like mobile and big data, according to the release.

From beginners with savings of as little as $1 to large investors with more than $1 million to practically everyone else — part-time investors, sedentary investors, senior Investors

SmartMoney IA also offers a comprehensive revenue-sharing program that extends towards the investors’ children, the company said.

The platform said it shares 1% of its revenue with all investors’ children calling it “a great investment option for people who want to secure investments for their children’s future.”
Children of teachers, military, national security personnel, police, scientists, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals will get additional 1% of the revenue sharing.

All kids of a teacher parent will get an additional ½% of the revenue sharing. So would recently turned adults in the age group of 18 and 25, the company said.

“We are about to scratch the investment to go deep to get as much benefits as possible to our customers with many follow-up products in crowdfunding, Blockchain etc,” it said.

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