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Lottie Moss has revealed she is pansexual in a Q&A session she hosted on Instagram.

The model was responding to questions from her 320,000 followers when one asked her if she would ever date a woman.

“’I’m pansexual so I don’t really mind… any gender,” the 22-year-old replied.

“It kinda changes every day as well,” she added. “It depends on who I meet.”

Moss, whose older sister is model Kate Moss, previously dated Made in Chelsea star Alex Mytton.
Elsewhere in the Q&A, the model referenced a man she had dated but did not specify who it was, when responding to a question about the meaning behind her tattoo that reads “Not Yours”.

“I was dating a guy and he really p** me off and I went and got a ‘Not Yours’ tattoo to say f you and now we’re broken up,” she explained.
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In Greek, “pan” translates to “all” and therefore, the term “pansexual” can be understood as a sexual identity used to describe being attracted to people of all genders, beyond male-female parameters.

In 2014 Moss signed with Storm Management. Her first featured photoshoot was an appearance in Dazed magazine while her first print editorial was in Teen Vogue.[7][8] That same year she was also featured in a series of ads for Calvin Klein, whom her sister had also modelled for.[9]

Moss first appeared in the pages of American Vogue in 2011 as her elder half-sister’s wedding was featured in the magazine and Moss was a bridesmaid.

Moss landed her first Vogue cover in 2016, appearing on the cover of Paris Vogue alongside model Lucky Blue Smith.[10]

In 2021 Moss announced she would be selling nude photos of herself on the content subscription service OnlyFans. Moss defended the decision by saying she was a “very sexual person”.[11] In an interview with the Private Parts podcast Moss revealed that because her career had heavily benefitted from nepotism she had an uncomfortable relationship with fame. She further explained that she enjoyed the control she had in the creation of her own content.[12]

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