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Donald Duck bursts into our lives generally pretty early. The enduring image of the cartoon character in our minds is often him bursting in through a random door and shouting in anger in some intelligible words. The anger has an endearing side to it and it certainly doesn’t take away the innocence in Donald Duck’s smile when things are all well.


June 9 Donald Duck Day


So it’s a fitting tribute to the beloved cartoon character when a day is dedicated to him. June 9 is Donald Duck Day.

Donald Duck burst on the scene way back in 1934. The first-ever cartoon he featured in was titled ‘The wise little hen’. It was a retelling of the bedtime story ‘The little red hen’.

Though Donald Duck made his appearance in ‘The wise little hen’, his endearingly rage-filled self was not on display till the cartoon titles ‘Orphan’s benefit’. It was in this cartoon he formed a relationship with Mickey Mouse, another legendary cartoon character.

Since then, Donald Duck has gone on to carve his own domain and mega-fandom. To his ardent fans, he is next to no-one, not even Mickey Mouse, the Disney mascot.

Donald Duck has appeared in countless cartoons, sold merchandise worth millions and even featured in video games. His cartoons have been dubbed in numerous languages around the world and he has come to be loved by generations

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