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Uncle Sam gave lollipop by twitting “Modiji, we can be good friends on the planet earth”… On quad forum in japan… This reader constantly twit that strategic relations with Iran (for crude) Russia (arms & Geo strategic backup)& japan ( monetary) r most important for India inc. to combats Pak, china & uncle Sam. if Sam wants indies friendship then why not come openly to back India on j&k & Pakistan, they could have help India in detaining “D” like they finish Osama in Pak. ? Why uncle Sam not come openly to give India inc. permanent membership in UNSC ? Why hidden brethren india imposing CATSA ? many more… So instead of emotionally thinking its time to think rational & practical to boost BRICS forum to make asia & world peaceful & prosper. Uncle sam can never be permenant friend of any nation. for them their “personal American interest” not permanent. Now they have change their strategy to instigate (ukrain) instead of direct infiltration. (iraq & afghan) coming 100 days r full of radical changes & fiery events. its time to play solid, strong & sensible keeping indies interest first. hope for the best. Nation first, jay hind.

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